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Why Rebekah Powell

EquiMotion trained and C.E.B.M.I. certified, Rebekah Powell is able provide to equine massage services along with Qigong, the art and science of Chinese energy healing. Her skills in allied holistic healing techniques and lifelong passion for horses fit together to produce positive results. With a heart-centered connection and a compassion for all beings Rebekah has a successful practice opening pathways to balance for both, horses and people.

Why EquiQi

EquiQi brings allied holistic healing techniques to horses in a natural non-invasive approach through the simplicity of using equine sports massage, myo-fascial release, energy work and structural integration. As well as equine locomotion from a natural horsemanship perspective addressing not only the psychosoma connection of movement but the anatomical and behavioral myo-kinesiology along with rehabilitative pattern work. Watching and listening to the horse’s mind, body, and spirit to help guide… a gentle touch can open many pathways so that healing can begin and balance can be restored.