About EquiQi

About Rebekah Powell

Rebekah Powell is a Qigong Instructor/Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and member of the Sacred Fire Community. A lifetime learner, who embraces both growth and challenge, she believes in a holistic approach to health where all components of ones' life are interrelated. Drawing on her deep understanding of both the emotional and physical complexities, she has helped numerous people navigate their unique worlds in order to live healthier, happier lives. Rebekah places great value on the innate healing abilities inherent in all of us to find our own heart-centered connection to mind, body, and spirit as one.

Training and Certification

It was only natural that with her skills in allied holistic healing techniques and lifelong passion for horses that Rebekah would evolve to include equine massage therapy into her practice. EquiMotion Trained and C.E.B.M.I. Certified she is able to provide these services along with Qigong, the Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing.

With a compassion for all beings Rebekah has a successful practice opening pathways to balance for both horses and people.

About Equine Massage

Horses are Athletes - from the hacking pleasure horse right through to the top level competition horse. Equine massage and bodywork can greatly improve performance, well-being and movement in any horse. Practiced on racetracks, during international competitions, on the show circuit and in equine rehabilitation centers, equine massage and bodywork has long become an important element of the comprehensive wellness program for horses. It helps injured muscles to heal and health muscles to stay healthy, flexible, and pain free.